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How can the .IO domain be used?

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority delegated .io to British entrepreneur Paul Kane in 1997, along with .ac (Ascension Island), .sh (St Helena), and .tm (Turkmenistan). Kane operated them for private gain under the trade name “Internet Computer Bureau” from 1997 to 2017.

 Kane claimed that “profits are distributed to the authorities so they can operate services as they see fit” and that “each of the overseas territories has an account and the funds are deposited there because, of course, it’s offsetting their expenditures.” However, the UK government has repeatedly denied this: “No agreement exists between the UK Government and ICB regarding the .io domain”, and “the government does not receive any revenues from the sales of this domain”.

Commonly used by:

Levi Strauss was the first company to register a .io domain for a purpose other than geographic identity in 1998. It won’t take much to remind you of the famous Levi’s launderette ad. Levi’s have always pushed the boundaries when it comes to marketing and I think we could all agree that they have been very successful.

Technology companies, start-ups, and developers

The term .IO stands for input/output, a term commonly used in the computing industry. Programs need data to be input. The program processes the data and outputs the results.

.IO domain names are popular with SMBs in the technology industry, but also with start-ups and developers seeking a young and cool name. The .IO domain will give your brand a strong identity and make you easily recognizable.

Those looking for a domain hack

For those looking for a domain hack, the extension .IO suggests a word or phrase by associating different parts of a domain (domain name + extension). In some cases, domain hacks can be achieved by using new gTLDs, and .IO is no exception.

But there are a few other benefits to consider….

  • IO extensions have more availability than traditional domain endings – Your chances of registering your first choice are much greater, and at a lower price – for now!
  • They’re a great opportunity for domain hacks –, for example, is a shortened URL used by Marco Rubio’s campaign for the US presidential election in 2016.
  • The .IO domain is recognizable and now embraced by the tech and start-up communities – Registering an .IO domain is a good way to identify yourself or your business as part of the tech community.
  • .IO is treated by Google as a gTLD, so despite it being a ccTLD, you won’t be subject to geo-targeting. Since .io is used by a much broader audience than just those in British Indian Ocean Territory, Google treats it as a generic domain.
  • Two-character domains mean shorter URLs – .io is a two-character domain, making it a shorter option than many other extensions. The more easily web visitors can type your URL into a browser or email address, the more memorable and unique it becomes.

Some good examples of successful startups branding on .IO domains


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