Is .store domain name good for my online store?

In comparison to other extensions, you’ll get a keyword domain at a cheaper price

The .store domain matches ecommerce keywords (ex: food .store, discount .store)

Each online store has its own domain extension. The extension is .STORE.

What is a .STORE domain, why it’s a great choice from both an SEO and branding perspective, and how to choose one.

The following  reasons make a .STORE domain excellent for SEO.

1.The importance of on-topic backlinks

In link building strategies, website owners acquire links from other sites back to their own. It will remain a key component of any SEO strategy in the 2020s. The reason is that Google treats backlinks as a form of social proof. Links from high-ranking sites show Google that your site is also credible and authoritative.

There’s more.

Anchor text is a key component of backlinks. Using the anchor text “link building strategies” on a blog about this topic, we’re sending a strong signal to Google that this page is relevant to others who may search this term. The page will eventually rank higher as a result.

In general, the stronger the backlink, the closer the anchor text is to the focus keyword of the page.

Imagine if you run a site called and you get backlinks that have the anchor text “spices store.” It would be almost a perfect match that will boost your ranking over time.

2.Top rankings

Getting relevant traffic will increase your conversion rate. People searching for “Halloween stores” will find your site as they type your URL into Google. Since you’re what they’re looking for, they’ll be more likely to click on your link. Your domain is semantically identical to its .com alternative. Although Google once claimed that domain extensions don’t count in keywords, the search engine clearly doesn’t ignore them. Check out what happens when we search “farm store”

3.Optimized for Voice Search

Voice search has come to play a bigger and bigger role in the search engines, and domain name extensions can help you adapt.

4.More Savings

The variety of.STORE domain names means that they are often priced at a lower cost in comparison with alternative.


A contextual, definitive and easy to recall domain extension such as.STORE has many benefits from creating a memorable and unique online brand to market and promote your entire online store or a particular selection of products/services. There’s another big advantage of building a domain name on the.STORE domain extension. Today’s consumers are quite digitally savvy and gravitate towards other digitally-savvy brands. Choosing the.STORE extension shows that you have given fair thought and deliberation to your domain name. It showcases you not just as an online store but as a trendy and innovative business.

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