.ORG domain – Is it for organizations only?

The domain name .org is a generic top-level domain of the Domain Name System. It is shortened from organization. Established in 1985, it has been operated by the Public Interest Registry since 2003.

The .ORG extension was initially intended for non-profit organizations. While .ORG domains still reflect altruistic ventures, they can now be registered by anyone.

.ORG domains are used by who?

The .ORG domain extension is one of the most popular extensions, with over 10 million registered domain names. It’s not just for international organizations as many companies, projects, local organizations and groups use it as well:

  • cultural organizations
  • for sports
  • science, and civic organizations
  • School
  • who are involved with environmental issues
  • nonprofits
  • engaged in open-source project with volunteer helps
  • relating to law
  • with other organizations
How can I register a .ORG domain?

You can register your .ORG domain name at jachoos.net here- https://jachoos.net/client/cart.php?a=add&domain=register

Why buy a.org domain?

People trust.org domains ,for over 30 years, organizations of all sizes have been building their online presence on.org and for good reason!. org domains are synonymous with trust, charitable causes, and good intentions.

 Fundraising potential your.org provides the perfect location for your fundraising page, whether that’s for your nonprofit’s website, or your business’s charitable arm. Gain your donors’ trust with a.org domain. The home for nonprofits whether it’s a nonprofit, NGO, civic group, political party, charity, environmental cause or association you want to tell the world about, a.org domain is a powerful stage for bringing your mission to your audience.

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