Which domain extensions are best for businesses & services?

It depends on how the domain or website is used. Do businesses use .com, non-profits use .org, and colleges use .edu? Is it really that simple? Let’s talk!

There is probably no doubt in your mind that .com is the most popular domain extension (also known as a Top Level Domain, TLD) in the world. It is an open TLD, which means anyone can register and use it. Competition for the .com extension can be fierce, so you may have to pay a premium for it. This is especially true if your domain name is short. BBQ.com, for example, is appraised to be worth more than $25,000 (approval by GoDaddy, September 2021). If at all possible, every business should have a .com extension. Even though it is expected and perhaps a bit boring, a simple [FullBusinessName].com can serve as an effective business page.

Is your desired domain name with the .com extension already taken? It is the most common reason I have heard from individuals and small businesses choosing a different TLD, such as .net, .co, and .us. I encourage you to think more purposefully before choosing the “second more popular” domain extension you know.

Consider these three strategies:

  • The Brand First Strategy

This works well if your ideal customers are young. Choosing a short, memorable, sentence-like domain can help propel your business into becoming a household name. If you own a BBQ business, instead of using BBQ.com, you can use BBQ.ninja! It’s unique, confident and memorable.

  • An SEO-first strategy

You can choose a domain name that focuses more on important keywords and a country code TLD for small businesses that rely heavily on search engines. For instance, if your BBQ business only sells within the United States, a .us domain extension will bring in more local customers. A good example is bestBBQindallas.us

  • A soft sale or a give-first strategy

Try a .org or a .news extension if your business is built on information and recommendations (for example, a magazine, blog, or club). .org is now an open and unrestricted TLD, just like .com! Check out allthingsBBQ.org for BBQ enthusiasts and For-Profit businesses.

I hope these strategies are helpful to you! There are more than 1500 TLDs as of April 2021. The existence of restrictions on certain TLDs makes them not all open. Feel free to contact Witmer Group if you’re considering purchasing a new domain name for your business or marketing strategy, and we will be happy to help you choose one that suits your needs!

What is the main difference between .com, .org, and .net?

It is not always true that .org is for nonprofit organizations and .com is for commercial companies. Often, a reputable SEO agency will suggest that you use .com to maximize profits. If .com is not an option, you have other options to succeed.

For example, if you plan to use .org, consider implementing a marketing plan that will help your customers remember the correct address. Having a smart strategy can prevent your business from being misunderstood or lost online.

If .com is not available, a web development company that wants to create brand value for your new website will suggest opting for .net. Most mobile phones support entering domain extensions. Due to this, it can be beneficial to purchase multiple domain extensions with your chosen domain name (e.g. ABCwebsite.com and ABCwebsite.net). If a customer enters your website address as .com instead of .net, they will still arrive at the correct website.

Make the right decision! Any website address would be incomplete without a domain extension, which is equally important as your domain name. A domain extension not only determines your online presence, but it also conveys information about your brand. This affects how your customers perceive your company.

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